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Dead Island

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MightyJordan    6,450

Anyone here up for a new co-op game sometime? I caved in and bought it a few weeks ago, thanks to Green Man Gaming's deal (?7.20, and I knocked off an extra ?3 by trading in Disciples II, which I got for free, and later got on Steam thanks to an indie bundle :p ). Got all the DLC too on the cheap, thanks to them. :)

I've played Dead Island before a while ago, but only solo, and I never bothered to complete it. So anyone up for playing through it? :)

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ichi    358

Did not feel the need to start a new thread, so I am resurrecting a thread from January of this year...

So I just have not done much gaming at all on my PC these days, my wrist issues from computer usage have really been flaring up thanks to work, so I unfortunately have been steering clear of playing anything on the PC.

So it is a slow time for games right now, an as such I decided to rent the PS3 version of Dead Island from Gamefly as I finally wanted to check it out.

I am not even sure how this game made it to the PS3, the performance is truly awful. As soon as any type of real action happens, the game just totally freezes and stutters for a few seconds. It is enough of a problem that my very first encounter I had with a group of zombies, literally right at the start of the game, next thing I knew I was dead, as when the first zombie attacked me, the game froze for a good 2 seconds before I realized what the prompts on screen were telling me to do. Really was awful.

Just walking around the game, constant little freezes, etc. This title really should have never made it to the consoles at the state it is in. The performance is just abysmal.

I did some research, and while the PS3 version does seem to suffer more from performance issues, it is not much worse at all then the 360 version.

Total disappointment. It is IMO pretty much unplayable. I think I may lug my computer downstairs, hook it up to my TV, and play it on the computer using a controller. But from the earlier comments in the thread, it sounds like the PC version may suffer the same issue as well without the patch provided above.

Truly what a let down.

That's weird, I've finished the game about three times already plus a couple of unfinished coops and I haven't noticed any slowdown at any time.

What truly sucks about the game though (at least on PS3) is connecting for coop: it fails to connect 4 out of every 5 attempts, and then sometimes (not very common, but happens) the whole game freezes competely, to the poing you have to reboot the console (and go again through the painfull process of reconnecting to the coop game).

It only seems to happen when playing coop, and only when playing with friends. If I pick a random coop partner from the list it works fine :/

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Nothing Here    450

Is it just me, or do the zombies start to walk away after you use all your stamina and they knock you down? I don't think any self-respecting zombie would do that. Your an easy meal once your down, so why stop attacking and procede to walk away?

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