HTPC TV recording?

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Do any of you fellow canadians (or americans or europeans for that matter -- if you're in the same dilemma) have found a way to record cable tv from the cable company? (aka rogers, videotron, bell, etc.?) Is there a way? Cuz their signal is coded so you can't just plug it in behind your computer via a tuner card and voilà...

I've been trying to do this for years. I have a media center pc connected to my home theater all ready to go. It's just asking for recorded tv. And I don't wanna pay the 20$ per month fee to rent their crappy PVR.

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Yes, get a ceton or silicondust hd home run prime. Both are cable card devices. Once you get the device, go to your cable provider and get a cable card.

You can get them at amazon or newegg

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I don't think there are any canadian cable providers that support CableCARD.

Your only option is to set up an IR blaster to the set-top-box, which I have never personally tried.

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