YAITCAG Thread of is this camera any good.

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YAITCAG - Yet another is this camera any good thread.


I can get a good deal on the Sony NEX-3 camera, i know its end of life and has been replaced by the NEX-C3 16Mp model but ive been told that the recent firmware updates for NEX-3 has brought it in line software feature wise with the C3.

I dont want a big bulky DSLR as im not a photgrapher i just want a quality camera that has the option of interchangeable lenses should i ever need them.

I was looking at the NEX over Micro Four Thirds because the sensor is 50% bigger than a MFT camera. I like that the NEX has 720p video capture, Auto HDR mode, etc..

Does anyone have one of these cameras, would it be worth paying a little bit more for the NEX over something like the Lumix G10 MFT camera?

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The NEX C3 is a very good camera for the price and I would certainly take it over an MFT camera unless you have already invested in lenses for said system.

BTW, what price are you getting it at?

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