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Teen Girls say they were drugged, raped on playground

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Growled    3,880

My oldest brother was in theater in college years ago and got accused of it. All his friends turned against him, got fired from his job, and pretty much was seen really bad in the community. There was no proof he did anything and people were going by this womans word alone. It wasnt until it was proven that my brother had medical issues at the time and couldnt do anything if he wanted, that it was proven she was lying. But the damage was already done and people still think badly about my brother. Turns out my brother just turned this woman down (he was engaged) and she didnt like being rejected.

Not saying anything like this happened here....but people have to be careful these days. Not always as it seems....

I had something familiar happen to a good friend of mine. He still has problems after many years because of the allegations. Rape is a terrible thing to happen to a woman but not every tale of rape is true these days.

If the boys did do the deed, I hope they are caught and suffer for a long time.

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