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ie 6.2600 (in xp 2600 and now on has a bit of a problem (i think)

it opens itself in its own memory space for each window..

which is cool cause one browser window can crash without effecting the rest but it takes up huge amounts of ram!! (10mb per window nearly)

and as u can see in this image that the option is actually blanked out!!!

so what can i do?

or is this just the way its gonna be??

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I don't think that means each app runs in it's own memory space. I think it's IEXPLORER.EXE or whatever, runs in its own.

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yeh i think u just have to live with that - sometimes I have up to 12MB for each iexplore window


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iexplorer.exe is ie...

ie is the program that is opening itself in its own memory space each time a new browser window is created (very odd for a browser)

this is for ie6.2600 on all computers i have seen (5, all bar one on on 2520, others are 2600)

but yeah ie normallys just runs in one memory space for all open windows (when one crashes all will close......)

when its in its own memory space they run independtly from each other..

one crashs the others remain fine..

but opening about 30 browser windows will use 300mb of ram now!! (another guy on 2600 said that his ie process each take about 26mb of memory each!)

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