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Students no longer need to give professor snacks

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Students of Sacramento State professor George Parrott won't have to supply snacks anymore in order to be taught psychology.

The Bee's report on Parrott walking out of his Psychology 101 lab class before a midterm review two weeks ago because of the lack of snacks made headlines across the country.

Since then, members of the psychology department at California State University, Sacramento, met and decided it was unacceptable for the professor to have left the class, said Kim Nava, university spokesperson.

"He's been told by the dean not to repeat the behavior," she said.

The dean also asked the professor to discontinue the requirement that students bring snacks until "they look at how the requirement conforms with campus policies regarding fees," Nava said.

Parrott has had the snack requirement for at least 39 years and has walked out of classes who failed to bring them before, he told The Bee in a previous interview. Parrott said the requirement was his way of encouraging students to work collectively, among other things.

The professor said students were told of the requirement to bring snacks on the first day of class. A handout from the teacher is clear: "Not having a snack = no Dr. Parrott or TAs. Now you are responsible for your own lab assignment."

Members of the psychology department also said they support, in concept, Parrott's idea of team building in the classroom, Nava said.

Parrott's response to the department's directives? "I'm quite comfortable with their decision," he said.


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Tekkerson    65

Lucky SOB :D I want 39 years worth of snacks...

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