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Types Of Graphics Settings

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CmptrPrgmr    6

He guys, I want to open this thread so me as well as everyone else that needs or wants to see what each setting of graphics do in each game.

I will update this thread every now and then with picture showing the difference between settings and I will also quote other peoples comments as well. You don't have to have a picture to to let us all know what the setting does, just give us a brief explanation of what it does.

If anyone has any kind of info on these settings and what they do, that would be great.

FP16ARGB blending

FP1ARGB filtering

3.0 lighting (Dx11 lighting, correct?)

For anyone that has Skyrim for the PC and knows about the graphics settings, can you please share what you know? I know a lot of what the settings do but there is a lot that I don't know and would like to know.

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Alladaskill17    181

Frame buffer formats

RGBA8 = 8 bits for Red, 8 bits for Green, 8 bits for Blue, 8 bits for alpha = 32 bits per pixel

FP10 = 10 bits for RGB components, and 2 bits for alpha = 32 bits per pixel

FP16 = 16 bits for each component = 64 bits per pixel (no support for hardware alpha blending on Xenos, no support for MSAA on RSX)

NAO32 = LogLUV conversion, In-Depth explanation = 32 bits per pixel (no hardware alpha blending)

Quickly googled "FP16 RGB blending" and didn't read too much but that quote (as well as a TON of info) can be found here:


Sorry, adding a link wont let me shorten and have to put whole address.

I'm normally just a Xbox 360 gamer, but I do play some @ 1440x900 on my MacBook Pro. Hope the info and link help.

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