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Cyberduck 4.2

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What's new in Cyberduck 4.2:

  • [Feature] Drag files between browser windows to copy files from server to server
  • [Feature] Support server side encryption (S3)
  • [Feature] Configure access logs for buckets (Google Cloud Storage)
  • [Feature] Interoperability with OpenSSH to read private key from keychain.
  • [Feature] Connect to multiple projects (Google Cloud Storage) (#5955)
  • [Feature] Support OAuth 2.0 Authentication (Google Cloud Storage) (#5955)
  • [Feature] Support US West (Oregon) location (S3)
  • [Feature] Try public key authentication login with default keys from OpenSSH (SFTP) (#3982)
  • [bugfix] Performance improvement preparing files for download
  • [bugfix] ETag mismatch deleting files (Google Docs) (#6204)
  • [bugfix] Creating new file (WebDAV) (#6341)
  • [bugfix] No error message when SFTP subsystem is disabled (SFTP) (#5902)

Link: Cyberduck website

Download: Cyberduck 4.2

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