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MightyJordan    4,891

My apologies, but I felt like pimping out this wonderful site: Even though I sort of already did in an earlier thread. :p

The basic gist of Game Getter is they put an indie game up for sale (or to be more specific, a Steam key for the game), and the more people subscribe to buy it (Note: You do not actually buy the game when you subscribe to it, and you do not have to buy it once you subscribe to it), the cheaper it gets for everyone.

Take for example, InMomentum:

To start off, this costs $9.99, which is the same price as it is on Steam. But when more than 30 people subscribe to buy it, the price drops down to $8.99, then when more than 80 subscribe, it goes down to $6.99, and finally, when the number of subscribers top 150, it reaches its lowest price of $3.99!

There's a pretty generous amount of time before the deal ends, by which time, everyone who subscribed, can buy it, unless the game reaches the lowest price early (which InMomentum already has :) ), in which case, it's immediately available to buy, and newcomers can still buy it at the lowest price until the end of the deal. :)

There are better deals than that going on at the moment too. There's six games up at the moment:

Including these three, which I'm singling out for a special reason which will be explained in a few lines time...

Now, there's a special deal being done with these three games. The first 100 subscribers get the game for free! :D At the moment, the subscribers for each game are 83, 64, and 51 respectively (understandably, less subscribers for SpaceChem, as I, along with many others got it in one of the Humble Indie Bundles :) ).

So go get 'em! :p

And I'll promise to keep this thread updated with future deals. ;)

EDIT @ 09:37: Fortix 2 has sold out of free copies! Doc Clock is at 82, and SpaceChem is at 63. Hopefully a few other Neowinians will pick up some of them. ;)

EDIT @ 10:27: Doc Clock is now sold out! SpaceChem is at 87 now.

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