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Hello everybody i am new to this forum.

Were i work at. I have a problem.

On 1 computer and 1 computer only recently got a rogue virus.

Got the virus out. They were able to log in to the ternminal server. no prob

We also are running exchange 2003. When the user tried to open email it wouldnt connect.

So i restarted it. No go

Removed Office/rebooted/reinstalled office. Re set up the users exchange account. "unable to reslove outlook must be connected,,,,"

To see if it was the user i went to another computer setup the email exchange account. Worked perfect.

I ping the exchange server lets call it Exchange1

Let say exchange1 has a internal ip of

when i ping it it comes back with a reply of

but when i ping it from another computer correct ip adress.

This happens only on 1 computer.

how can i fix outlook and fix the computer to see the right exchange ip adress.

any help would be appricated.

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fix the infection and you will fix the computer.

you can try the following on the comptuer




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