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How to update my favorite movies, shows, books & games on my Facebook p

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Laya Maheshwari    0


I get it; on the surface my query might seem extremely stupid. I mean, the process itself seems so simple, right?

Except, I don't want to just enter the property's name in the appropriate category, like the corresponding Facebook page and hence have it displayed on my profile. Because

A] I don't want to like all those Facebook pages.

B] Many times they aren't even exactly tailored to the property I'm talking about. I'm not talking about the official pages, but the company-managed spamming ones. For example, the Avatar India page now just keeps on promoting any and every upcoming Fox release.

My brother used to like a film or TV show's IMDb page and it would show up on his profile in the appropriate column. But now he says that's no longer working. He liked the IMDb page for "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" but it didn't show up under the TV shows column. It was just there.

So, do any of you have any ideas how I can solve this issue? I want my Facebook profile to reflect my favorites (and hence, my tastes) accurately but I don't want the conventional solution. Which sites should I "like" things on so that they'll show up properly on my profile? For movies, TV shows, books AND games? Rotten Tomatoes? IGN? Gamespot? Shelfari? Anything else?

Please help! This may seem like a trivial matter but I bet it will be of use to many other people. Thanks!

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