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Hi everyone,

I recently just purchased an LG 42" LED 42LV4400. I have my Xbox 360, Gaming PC and Comcast cable box all hooked up to it via HDMI. My goal here is to find a cheap speaker system, hook it up to all of these devices and find a universal remote that will allow me to control the TV, speaker system, cable box and 360. Assuming such a thing exists.

I'm not an audio buff and this system will be in a single bed room. I don't need anything that is completely crystal clear. I'm perfectly happy with a simple 2.1 system. I'm currently using a Logitech Z4 2.1 system. It has served me well for several years and sounds just fine for what I want.

As for the remote. Again, I'm not looking for anything fancy. Just so long as it works. The remote should be able to adjust at least volume and although not required, base would be a nice adjustable option on the speaker system. Menus and channels on the TV and cable box. I would ideally like it to have the same functionality as the MS 360 remote control for the Xbox.

Any thoughts?


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If you pick up a budget level receiver (what is your budget?) Most of the time the receiver remote is universal and can control basic commands of each of your inputs. I know my onkyo remote can control the tv, cable box, bluray player and obviously volume - the logitech harmony remotes would also solve any issues you have and could most likely control the xbox as well (I have not test that on my onkyo remote).

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