Fake Commercial...Any Ideas?


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*cough* http://blaise.us/neowin/sigs/neo-bytes.jpg *cough*

I know you already decided but, I remember seeing a re-run from SNL from the 70's

The commercial was for "Peenie Pads"  They were for "Those embarrasing spots" a man can get on his pants after not properly shaking after visiting the bathroom :blush:

little risque for school, but I'm laughing remembering that :laugh:

Lol... :D "Oops I crapped my pants!" -

- Say... How do you know so much about "Oops I crapped my pants"?

- Because I'm wearing them... And I just did!

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A rotating, always-balanced spoon that helps toddlers/elderly eat without dumping things all over themselves. Handle stays steady, while the bowl can rotate so it's always face-up. I think comparable stuff has actually been patented for awhile, but the product has never come to market. You could get really creative / out-there if you wanted to come up with a commercial for it, even on a Saturday Night Live kind of level.

If you want other ideas, look up sites that show some of the weird things that have actually been patented over the years, like diapers with gun holsters built in....

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