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XWidget 1.3 Release (2011-12-30)

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XWidget is a free desktop customization platform. It?s light, handy with powerful visual widget editor and very subtle animations.

xwidget support powerful javascript and vbscript.

Version: 1.3

Requirements: Windows XP or vista/Windows7/8

Updated: 2011-12-30


You can download from HERE or DA (6.8 MB).

Widgets Gallery:



[Featured Widget-- Mini iPhone]

Video :


[update log] (2011-12-30)

XWidget Options:

--Add MultiLanguage support ;

--Add DoubleClick-Alt hotkey;

--Add "Disable all widget's popup menu", "Auto hide taskbar"


--Add NoteListCore

--Add ShortcutListCore


--Add "Click Sound" property panel;

--Memo Add "WordWrap" option;

--Add Event OnMouseWheelUp, OnMouseWheelDown;

--Add "Shake" animation setting

--Text Control Property Add "TextFrame"; Effect Add "InnerShadow","Bevel"

Script functions:

--Add "ShowDesktopIcon" "HideDesktopIcon" "readFile" "readReg"

--Add scaleTo( x,y, time, direction )

--Add moveTo( x,y, time)

--Add FadeToVisible(opacity, time)

Widget command:

--Add !ShowObj= !HideObj= !FadeInObj= !PlayPNGAnimate= !StopPNGAnimate= !SlidePanelIn= !SlidePanelOut=


--DoubleClick desktop to Show/Hide desktopIcons bug when explorer.exe restart

Add ToolPanelBinding include children's core option

Add !showDashboard , !PlaySound= cmd

Add refreshAeroBlur, showDashboard function to script

Add "Celsius" option in Accuweather change location window

Add Aero Blur Effect for every control. (vista/win7/8)

Add Bang : !Shutdown !Restart !CreateNew and so on

Add MediaKeyBoard bang

Add function: Speak("hello"); widget.cmd(""); Widget.close; setWallPaper( filename );

Add "About" for widget popupmenu

Add "AutoSave" property for Edit control

Fixed PNGAnimate mulitImageMode problem

Fixed GIFAnimate binding core problem

Fixed "Drag and Drop multiple files to the Recycle Bin can not be removed" bug.

Fixed analog clock bug

Fixed Accuweather Core

Fixed Image control Mask bug

Fixed Chinese keyboard problom

Fixed small bugs

[Video demo]





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