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Phoenix transient accused of skinning, eating cat

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A transient man was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of skinning and eating cat while he camped in a warehouse in Phoenix, according to Maricopa County Superior Court documents.

The owners of a warehouse in Phoenix that was often used as a music venue reported a burglary after they opened the building and heard blaring music, according to the documents.

Police found Russell Christopher Hofstad, 24, inside of the building with a painted face and wearing the tail and intestines of the cat around his neck, according to the documents.

Hofstad said that he killed the cat because he was hungry. He also said he was going to taxidermy the cat and use the skeleton as party decorations, according to the documents.

Hofstad was released from jail Jan.10 and said that he had no where else to go so he decided to go to the building because he had been there before for raves, according to the documents.

According to court documents, Hofstad deployed a fire extinguisher and left empty alcohol bottles throughout the building.


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