An experience in an AT&T store yesterday

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Yeah a friend retired from Java two years ago... Shesh...

I hear Android's hiring though.

Oh yeah, I totally can sympathize here. The two BestBuy's I went to had WP7 on the end corners of the isle.... but the end was in between the two... Like this

-----| WP7here |-----

That's basically what it looked like. I occasionally walk in there to bug the sales reps, asking them about WP7 and why is it better for me than the competition. Some of them are starting to recognize me...
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Course'' the problem is, WP won't sell enough in their stores in the first place if their staff have no idea what it is, or tell people to stay away from it. They have paid staff working their to sell the products for their company, they shouldn't be paid to be ignorant to what they're actually selling :p

They don't care, most people walk in wanting a "smart phone" and they sell them just that. The employee doesn't care if they sell an iPhone/Android/WP, they get their commission either way. They have Windows Phones in the corner pretty much just in case someone comes in wanting one just so they don't lose the sale
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Yeah our sales reps don't have any kind of bonus usually for selling a specific phone. And usually when there is, it's because the phones they are trying to push aren't selling. The reason they don't sell? Because they suck. Not necessarily spec or feature suck, but just overall they may be lacking features or have poor manufacturer support.

The fact is that Windows Phone is fragmented already just like Android and it is still missing many of the features the other systems have had for a while now that people use daily. Add to that the fact that consumers either don't know what it is, or have used Windows Mobile in the past and are jaded against it, for good reason. Microsoft will never get over the Windows Mobile phase. It doesn't matter if Windows Phone has 0% of the code being the same, it's all about consumer perception.

How in the world is Windows Phone fragmented like Android? Every Windows Phone out there runs the latest version: Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Apparently, your store is just a whole store of clueless reps.

Windows Mobile is not at all the same thing as Windows Phone. They share their roots as WinCE-based operating systems and the name Windows; that's the end of it. People comparing the two fall into two categories: consumers jaded by the experience of Windows Mobile (legitimate "fool me once" people), and people that have no clue what they are talking about and assume that one version of Windows is the same as a new version. The number of people that owned a Windows Mobile phone is negligible compared to modern smartphone sales because the iPhone created the smartphone industry, and Windows Mobile never caught up. Furthermore, most people do not even know about Windows Mobile; compare that to the perception of Windows Vista (due to driver failures causing blue screens, mostly from nVidia) and it did not seem to effect Windows 7.

I hope that the reps are giving you tips such as, you really shouldn't upgrade to Windows 7 because Windows ME sucked. Vista sucked without the Service Packs too; you should totally dodge Windows 7 (At least Vista is the same lineage).

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LOL.. i go in looking at windows phones.. and they always say "ya I used to have a windows phone a few years back but now i use android."..

makes me so angry

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reason 988776 why ATT sucks:

the sales lady was so clueless. I mean, to the point that the lady asked if I worked for Windows. Really? Anyone here work for a company called Windows?

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reason 988776 why ATT sucks:

Meow to that.

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I went to transfer my old phone sim card to my iPhone 4 with a new prepaid micro SIM card, at the ATT store, they told me what I needed a DATA Plan, and i told the lady what i just wanna transfer my old prepaid account/number to a new Micro SIM card, they just plainly told me what i need a new Contract and get the Data plan, so I went to the mall, found a small cellphone store, the guy in there told me nicely to get a new micro sim card from Radioshack and come back to him so he could transfer my number. He did it easy, fast and cheap, like 30 bucks.

Thank you AT&T, next time I will go first to the mall before going to the AT&T store

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this happened in my local at&t store too the lumia 900 is me eye balling the windows phones big time ! i walk in to take a look see and i see a guy at the android phones asking simple stuff like what version of android is loaded on to the phone etc etc ... the sales rep looks like a deer in head lights ... she was scared ****less . and could not give this guy any info ..

he was looking at the galaxy note i told him it comes with

2.3.6 android and it set to get 4.0

1.5 dual core

5.3 inch screen

all while holding my iphone they lady ask me why would i know this when im holding and iphone :huh:

i laughed and told her android was my phone for the past 4 years and im bored so im branching out

its sicking how little these people know ... they work on commissions so you would think they would know there ****

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