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First major bug found and some tips

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Techguy77 installed Windows 8 CP in VM and i played with it for about two hours. In this topic i will leave out my comments and opinion about it but talk about bugs.

1. Go to Start Menu, unpin every application including Desktop. Logout and Login back in. Windows will load blank Start Menu, not even your name in top right corner will be displayed. It will look like system froze however if you click in area where Name/Image object was supposed to be you will notice that can't render it. Switch to Desktop using window key or and switch back and everything will look ok.

2. Problem closing Metro App? Easiest way is to do it is Alt + F4. I tried with a mouse and it is... (again i will leave comments out)

3. Major Flaw or Bug. Open two Metro Apps. Try to switch to desktop by using windows key. You will end up cycling between apps. Only way to switch to Desktop will be to actually click Desktop on Start Menu. If you close one of the metro apps meaning only one you have running then window key will be switching between Desktop and Metro Start Menu. This is going to break a work flow including work in Desktop and running more than one app in Metro Start Menu.

4. I was able to hack into Metro Apps and do a damage to them or change apperance by hacking into 'certain' files through Windows Explorer. (details won't be presented)

5. Ability to pin desktop app to Metro Start Menu but not the other way around. However i was able to create shortcut for Metro Apps on Desktop itself. After you run it it brings Metro Style Menu back.

That would be all for now.

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