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netsurfer802    0

I'm studying for the CompTIA Security+ Exam and have a hard time understanding what the last two possible answers mean...can somebody explain them?...

A small company needs to invest in a new expensive database. The company's budget does not

include the purchase of additional servers or personnel. Which of the following solutions would

allow the small company to save money on hiring additional personnel and minimize the footprint

in their current datacenter?

A. Allow users to telecommute

B. Setup a load balancer

C. Infrastructure as a Service

D. Software as a Service

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TEX4S    116

Well in this case, Infrastructure as a Service would of course bypass buying a bunch of hardware - because they would outsource the whole thing & therefore they wouldnt need a bunch of staff.

I am not thinking its software as a service because the emphasis is on database expenses.

A load balancer doesnt really make sense & users telecommuting doesnt make sense in this scenario either.



If something is "... as a service" - you can read it as "but doing it through" For instance, "hardware as a service" means hardware, but doing it through a service. Meaning they are getting hardware from a service, or outsourcing. It can even mean cloud-based.

Software as a service is a little trickier. Software as a service could be: Needing word processing, but instead of buying MS Office Pro, you outsource for someone else to do the word processing for you.

Dropbox is a good example of both storage hardware as a service, even Document Mgmt as a service because someone providing a service in lieu of you having to do it "in house"

Hope that is clear.

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netsurfer802    0

That does make it more clearer...thanks.

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