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SafeConnect for Android is an absolutely new program developed by specialists of SecretsLine Ltd. It is worth noting that it is focused only on the mobile Android OS. This software was designed to provide direct protection of Android-devices users in the process of surfing in the worldwide web. The software protects users from reading of information on their data and surfing. It is worth noting that the software also blocks sites with various counters tracing activity of users. This program gives users the opportunity to visit such sites and at the same time to remain ?unnoticed?.

The application is very user-friendly, even a beginner can work with it. It should be noted that direct protection of the data is provided by means of traffic encryption. Moreover, the application allows to hide the real IP-address of the user. Data on surfing of the owner of an Android tablet PC or smart phone on the Internet cannot be viewed and used by companies in their interests. It stands to mention that SafeConnect also blocks phishing-sites, substantially reduces input traffic and disconnects advertizing (optional). Thus, information on the user is completely encrypted. SafeConnect can be installed on the majority of Androids-devices. It is possible to use it if there is wireless Wi-Fi connection or the mobile Internet available.

The user can start the program and begin using it after loading and installation of the program on his/her gadget (with Android OS). Next, the PPtP system service connects the user to one of free servers. Thus, traffic starts to move through the created connection. It doesn't give sites a chance to identify a real IP-address of the user. Pages are loaded faster, if advertizing is disabled. The user traffic is reduced substantially.

At the moment SafeConnect is available in two modes. The limited version gives an opportunity to be under protection only 5 hours per week. In order to prolong this time it is necessary to buy a full version of the software which will continuously protect the user on the Internet within a definite period of time.

Reliable connection is provided due to OpenVPN technology support. At the moment SafeConnect is undergoing extensive testing. This process will last for two months. The number of hours in the limited mode won't be written off (during this period only).

Android Market - https://market.andro...secretsline.vpn


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