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[ARTICLE] Library and Textbook. Why are you still around?

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Library and Textbook. Why are you still around?

By Yanike Mann (aka Viogin here)

Published: February 28, 2012

This article is about using tablets over traditional books. I used the iPad video because it makes a solid point.

Textbooks should have been gone a long time ago. They are a waste of filled space on the book shelf. To be honest, libraries are becoming more useless each day. Libraries and textbooks both share the 1900's era. Not only that they share the same fate of a soon extinction.


Wouldn't you rather study viewing the outside world and not a book wall?

What's wrong with libraries? They are nothing more but a relic of a time that has passed by. Why should a person go to the library and pray that they have a book that they are looking for? It would be easier to slide out your tablet, open an app, download the book you want, and start reading. The following are the bads of a library: outdated books; not always open 24/7; unreliable book availability (especially if one book is available and two people need it); sometimes long register lines; not always an assistant available when searching for a book; can't really know when a book will be available; and more.

Libraries should turn into 24/7 community study halls. It will be a good place for the following: studying in complete silence to focus on your work; network and study with other students; getting paid tutoring sessions; monthly membership computer labs; and more. Removing all the shelves with books and making more room for seats. So people can sit down with their devices and have a good read.


Got books? Do you really want to get information the old fashion way?

What's wrong with the textbook? It's paper! The following are the bads of a textbook: big and sometimes heavy; no quick searching for something you need; if it gets ruined, gotta buy a new one; the information never gets updates by author; the text only comes with one size and font (hope it's your liking); you can't highlight an unknown word and do a quick search for the definition; your bookmarks aren't completely saved (drop a book and prepare for upset); and more. Wouldn't you rather read an e-book with growing features than a printed book?

Some people say that printed books have a purpose. Yea.. so do gas powered vehicles, but we have a solution for that. I love the way technology is making books more advanced, more open to different ways of learning (by text or complete visuals), and more. Not everyone learns the same way. Not going to bust my instructor out, but if it wasn't for my virtual teacher I would be failing. That's a whole other article I might write. I love how easy it is to get ebooks I want or need from my iBooks store when I want it; being able to save bookmarks that won't move; having the ability to adjust the text and change it's style; change the brightness of the screen when reading; having an available dictionary just a click away (one I can instantly search and jump right back into reading); and more. Technology has come a long way and now it's time to use it to replace the old.

Good bye library and textbook. Welcome tablet with bookstores filled with ebooks all ways available when I need them! Also to mention that on the same device I can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more!

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