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Police use baton, stun gun, pepper spray on 'drunk' man at Universa

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jnelsoninjax    8,948


A man?s birthday at Universal Orlando turned painful after he was pepper sprayed, hit with a baton and shot with a stun gun in a fight with Orlando police.

Officers said 24-year-old Matthew Hutcherson was at Pat O?Brien?s club on Universal Studio?s CityWalk Sunday at about 12:35 a.m.

Two off-duty officers saw Hutcherson walking on the roof of the club, and climb onto an awning. When one of the officers started walking towards him, Hutcherson jumped to the ground and fled into the kitchen. One of the officers caught up to him and forced him into a chair. However, Hutcherson jumped up and attempted to run through him. The officer threw him onto the ground and held him there until the second officer returned.

Officers said Hutcherson was not complying to their commands, so they sprayed Hutcherson with pepper spray in the face. However, he was still resisting and got up and ran into a wall, causing a cut above his eyebrow.

Officers again tried to get control of Hutcherson?s hands, with him refusing. One of the officers then used his baton to strike the man about five times in the leg. He still refused to comply. Officers hit Hutcherson a total of 13 times with the baton.

Hutcherson still was resisting the officers, so they said they then shot him with their TASER gun. He was hit at least three separate time before officers were finally able to handcuff him. He was then escorted to Universal Health Services, then to Florida Hospital Orlando for treatment.

While Hutcherson was being transported, officers said he made some spontaneous statements.

?Why are you TASERing me? You sprayed me, hit me, threw me into the wall and TASERed me,? Hutcherson said. ?It?s my birthday. I got drunk and do crazy s***. My friends fed me a lot of drinks and I climbed up on the roof. I was going to do a back flip and jump off. I want to be a stunt man.?

Hutcherson was eventually taken to Orange County Jail and charged with battery on an law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and resisting officer without violence.


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jerzdawg    338

sounds fine to me(anyone who runs or resists police should be subject to all batons, pepper spray and tasers) . in fact i think they should have let him do the back flip, then you just need to send in a clean up crew.

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DocM    12,762

Guess they should have just shot him :p

Seriuosly; cops are in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

If they do nothing and he hurts someone, they get hammered.

If they just wrestle him down any participant can be injured, including the cops who want to get home in one piece.

If they use reduced-lethality weapons like here they get hammered.

If they just shoot the SOB they get even worse treatment.

P*ss poor situation to face every damned day, day in and day out.

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