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Send to OneNote 2010 printer

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OldBear    0

Hey fellas,

Thought it was time to boost that post count of mine. :D

I usually can figure out just about anything tech-wise. If I can't, I come here (or occasionally other sites) and usually find the answer.

But this one has got me and I just can't find an answer anywhere, so I need to ask. Help me out, boys (and girls), please.

The following programs will 'Print' to OneNote using the Send to OneNote 2010 printer:

Notepad, Foxit Reader, Photoshop, Powerpoint 2010, Publisher 2010, Windows Photo Viewer, Internet Explorer

The following programs will not 'Print' to OneNote using the Send to OneNote 2010 printer:

Wordpad, Firefox, Word 2010, Excel 2010 (returns a printer error), Access 2010 (returns a printer error), Visio 2010 (returns a 607 queueing error)

I can find ways round the issue and it's not the end of the world but...

It annoys me, and I want to know why it's doing this.



btw: FYI - I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64bit; full Office 2010 suite 64bit (if it helps)

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OldBear    0

Wow, I'm shocked! :o

279 views, and no-one has any thoughts? :(

Geez, guys, I thought you people were the elite. I only ask one question every 3 years, and when I do, no-one knows the answer. LMAO!

Ah, well.

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Guest magickingdl   

On my system there is an option to send a print job to OneNote 2010 in all those apps ... but, in order to see those, make sure you left-click on the "Print" button and search for the "Send to OneNote 2010" option in the Print window that pops-up. Hovering over the "Print" button will only display a list of common or pre-selected printers, not every printer installed on your system.

Sometimes, installing new printers or updates unregisters the OneNote print driver. If the "Send to OneNote 2010" option is still missing, try "repairing" your Office 2010 installation. Follow these instructions ... Control Panel > Programs & Features > find and right-click on "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010" (or your version) > select "Change" ... a window will pop-up with some options > select "Repair" > select "Continue" > the repair might take some time > reboot > "Send to OneNote 2010" should be back

Hat-Tip: tomatosquash at the OneNote forums

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