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OS X Lion: Issues with Wi-Fi after installing Apple Wi-Fi Update! Grrrr

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kizzaaa    13

Hi everyone,

Last month Apple released iMac Wi-Fi Update v1.0 which stated it would resolve Wi-Fi issues when waking up from sleep. Initially I was very pleased, I thought Apple finally managed to resolve the many wireless issues affecting Lion.

Prior to the update, when waking up I would need to turn off/on the wireless adapter to reconnect to my Wi-Fi network. Occasionally I would need to renew the DHCP address. This would usually take about 10-20 seconds and was a hassle.

After installing the update, when waking up from sleep my iMac connects to the Wi-Fi network however it cannot establish a valid IP address (wireless will either have 169.* IP address or no address). The only resolution I have found to reconnect to Wi-Fi requires restarting the computer - which is far more inconvenient than before.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Specs: iMac 2010, 27" with latest version of OS X Lion. Connecting to a Belkin wireless N router.

Apple update information:

Version: 1.0

Post Date: February 24, 2012

Download ID: DL1501

License: Update

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Mr Nom Nom's    490


1) Check whether the firmware on your router is up to date.

2) Delete the network off the list of saved networks, turn off the airport then turn it back on again.

3) Reset PRAM.

Regarding restarting the computer - that shouldn't be required, turn off the airport then turn it back on using the drop down menu.

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