No Joke: Infinity Blade For $.99

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For a limited time only, Epic Games and Chair Entertainment dropped the price of the first Infinity Blade title for iOS to just $.99.

The sale begins right now on Apple's App store. The series recently surpassed $30 million in sales.

?With millions of players worldwide, the original Infinity Blade remains one of the most popular games ever launched on the App Store,? said Donald Mustard, creative director, Chair Entertainment. ?We?re excited for this opportunity to invite even more gamers to try Infinity Blade and test their skills against the God King!?

Infinity Blade was first released in December 2010.

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:: Lyon ::

Bought it today, heard it from another site :) Definitely worth every penny, especially for only a buck!

After playing this, I only realise that the Blood and Glory game is a complete rip-off :|

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  • 3 months later...

The promo is still ongoing! Grab yours if you haven't grabbed it yet.

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