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Ad-Aware finds "malware.js.generic" email - no specific message

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Cheryl_27    4

I had a false positive a few days ago, so reminded me was time to use my scanners. Most like MBAM, SAS, HJT, etc. found nothing, as well as KIS 2012.

Also ran Ad-Aware 10 full scan. It found 3 things - one was "malware.js.generic" that it could only narrow down to the Sent folder in a Gmail IMAP folder in my T-bird profile. Is there a way w/ any scanner that ID's infection in an email folder to narrow it to one message?

It's kinda hard to figure out if it's real or false when dealing w/ entire Sent folder, even though it's not that big. I checked the folder on VirusTotal & Virscan. Each found 1 hit for the same infection on the sent folder. The hits came from small, lesser known scanners.

I really don't want to upload my entire sent folder anywhere for analysis due to privacy. I also don't want to delete it based on a possible false positive.


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