Blue Screen of Death on XP with Zone Alarm

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I'm having the same trouble with Zone Alarm (freeware) and XP 2505. I get the blue screen of death from the file vsdatant.sys. Page Fault in Non Paged Area.

Anyone know of a fix or workaround? I like ZA and will buy the Pro version if that will fix it.

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ZoneAlarm is not supposed to protect from inbound attacks according to info on other boards, (outbound it's protection is excellent!) but I have yet to see any evidence of this, as I've been running XP for quite a while on ZA and never had any problems. One good thing is to make sure that your XP setup has un-needed services shutdown, I have a list of the services that you can disable kickin around, if you want it let me know.

Testing firewalls, there are a few good sites, one that springs to mind is

ZoneAlarm do have a beta that works under XP, If you want drop me a line and i'll dig it out and send it on.

I'm waiting until ZoneLabs comes up with a firewall like ZoneAlarm that is a direct replacement for the one in XP, until then I am using ZoneAlarm 2.6.69 on XP, but have downloaded Tiny Personal Firewall and will report back on my results.

Tiny can be downloaded from

Good luck.

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OK sounds cheezy but damn if I haven't been battling this one too. I'm even considering Reloading XP2505. I sent logs to Microsoft on this error.

Here's a site I found that referenced this error.

The only problem is that it's for 2000 sp1.

The error is random but always happens when I or someone else connects to my ftp server (I've used multiple ones) with any ftp client. When the connection is made I get:

ERROR STOP 0x0000005


Address EB679781, base at EB670000


This happened with ZA and ZAPRO and XP 2505.

Yes I resorted to Tiny as well. But it's a little annoying at times but the next best thing next to ZA (my opinion)

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Given that this thread is over a decade old, I would expect the OP has perhaps resolved the issue or upgraded the software.


Thread closed.

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