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Micro Server + HP System Management

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+Byt    44

Hi Guys,

I seem to be having an issue getting the HP System Management Homepage working correctly with my HP Micro Server.

When i installed WHS2011, i installed the HP Insight Manager and it configured the System Management Homepage for me, all good.

However now ive put on Server 2008R2 and put the Insight Manager on, the System Management Homepage just shows up like this -


There must be something really simple that im missing here, can anyone point me out where im going wrong please?

All the servers drivers are installed, windows updates fully upto date and Insight Manager reports all HP Software upto date + devices software.

I dont have a remote management card installed but that shouldnt matter for local management?

SNMP Service is installed etc

Any help would be great,

Thank you in advance


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g725s    0

Hello Shikaka,


Are you saying that you had HP's Systems Insight Manager ( HP SIM) software installed on an HP Microserver running WHS 2011?   HP's SIM is a free software found here:



I have an N40L Microserver running WHS 2011.  I just installed a P410 RAID controller card.  In the manual for the P410 it talks about using HP SIM to monitor your drives and to get notification if a drive failure has occured.


But WHS 2011 is not listed as a supported operating system for HP SIM.


Could you please tell me a bit more about your system that you had HP SIM installed on with WHS 2011?  How long did you have it running without problem before switching to Server 2008R2?  What version of HP SIM did you have installed on your WHS 2011 Microserver?



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