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+LogicalApex    1,746

I have updated a Windows Phone application I made for information on the transit network in Philadelphia, PA (and surrounding counties) called TransitPal. I have done no advertising on the application and I'm not keen on doing that until I get some additional user feedback on it.

Anyone interested can install the application on the market place (Trial limitations are no access to Next to Arrive and Train View sections*) and leave feedback here or via the about page in the application (accessed via the application bar on the main screen).

Marketplace Link: Windows Phone Marketplace

Application Site: TransitPal.Net

* Since BETAs require me to submit the email address you use for the marketplace to Microsoft I can only provide a full version for testing if you PM me. More than happy to provide it to anyone interested in providing some feedback.

I know this application is specific to Philadelphia at the moment, but I'm considering expanding it to other cities so I'm happy to hear anything you would like to see an app such as this have, not have, or a call for your city to be supported.

Also, comments on the UI would be welcomed. I have attempted to make this application very Metro, but I'm not sure I'm quite there yet so if you see anything that doesn't feel "Metro" chime in (though you can chime in if you think it does feel authentic and Metro :))!


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+LogicalApex    1,746

* added screenshots

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