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Indie RPG Game- Fantasy Engine

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LeeC1987    0

I am not sure where is the most relevant place to post this. I am a huge final fantasy fan and I just wanted to give people the chance to make their own final fantasy esque games. So I made an RPG engine which can be fully edited with notepad, paint and tiled::

I've included a sample game so you can see how the whole engine works, here's a screenshot





Fantasy Engine allows you to recreate your own RPG games, with a

  • customizable battle engine
  • scrolling gameplay in story mode
  • user programable AI
  • user definable stat changing equipment and items
  • user definable fiends
  • user definable special abilities for each character
  • special effects animation
  • tmx maps

STY + INI files can be edited with Notepad

TMX files can be edited with Tiled

Open docs folder for a little more explanation of the commands.

You can grab the sample game from this URL below:


Download FantasyEngine from this post and the sample game and put them both into the same folder and then run the fantasy engine executable.

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