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Deer Gets Trashed

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Hum    6,930

This fallow deer that was barely able to move after getting a mass of rubbish trapped in its antlers has been rescued by staff at the Nidzica Forest in Poland.

The young stag had been spotted at numerous locations by visitors the the area, each time with seemingly more rubbish stuck in it's antlers.

Local forestry spokesman Pawel Kaszuba said: "There was a mass of fibres that had in turn snared a wooden branch that had broken off and been added to the collection, as well as a broken plastic crate.

"The animal could barely lift its head because of the weight but catching it was difficult even though it was exhausted."

Vets eventually managed to sedate the animal and removed the rubbish from the antlers.

Kaszuba added: "After giving him a full check-up, we released him back into the forest. When the stag woke up, he vanished at speed into the trees, something he hadn't been able to do before."



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*RedBull*    608

Oh deer, I thought it were the deer getting drunk.

Funny but true story; I once left a bottle of sweet whine with some in the bottle on the counter over night. I woke early in the morning and went to the kitchen to find a geko sitting on the bottom of the bottle. The bottle had the raised middle so the wine pooled at the lowest parts. The geko had been drinking from that and was toasted when I came along. i shined a flash light so I could take a pic of it. The geko never bothered to move. After five minutes teh geko tried to climb up the side of the bottle it was some funny stuff. I don't know where the pics are now but it sure were funny.

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