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Boring meets Dull in international partnership

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Hum    6,930

When Elizabeth Leighton discovered Boring, she couldn't wait to tell all her Dull friends. :huh:

Leighton was making her way from Flagstaff, Ariz., to Seattle earlier this year when the Scotland resident stopped in Oregon to tour energy-efficient homes. When she arrived in the rural Clackamas County community named after homesteader William H. Boring, Leighton whipped out her phone to send a message to a friend in Dull, a tiny village in Scotland.

"Obviously, this is an opportunity for a twinning with Dull and Boring," wrote Leighton, who lives in a neighboring village called Grandtully. Her friend Emma Burtles took the "twinning" idea to a meeting of the Dull women's book club, and the idea became more than just a clever joke.

In February, Burtles sent an e-mail to Stephen Bates, Boring Community Planning Organization chairman, who responded with a declaration of the partnership. Because the two areas aren't cities, the relationship will be "unofficially official," according to Bates.

Burtles said the partnership is just for fun, but both communities still hope to make the most of the publicity.

Boring leaders plan to sell T-shirts and even developed a tagline for the partnership: "Boring and Dull: A Pair for the Ages."

Dull, a hamlet near the River Tay, is about 7,000 residents short of Boring's population, but there are some similarities: gloomy weather, a tight-knit community and signs that inspire outsiders to stop their cars and snap photographs.

For most in Boring, all the hoopla is just another day in the life for a town whose name regularly invites chuckles.


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ShMaunder    102

Am I the only one who found this very difficult to read? Adjectives and Nouns don't mix.

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