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Satellite imagery and parking lots-Employee vehicular recognition

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j1232    2

Over the years I have been quite the fan of examining magical stuff on Satellite imagery using Google Earth, Bing Maps, and the actual image providers themselves. I have wondered for years as to why the Government allows the Satellite images of Government complexes - Airfields, bases, ect ect to show the parking lots or vehicles that are parked in the parking lot? Or if they are notified as to when the company takes the image, that depending on where it would be presented or hosted they can tell the employees not to come that day.

Anyone else see this as a security issue here? I guess I am referring to GEMS not just any facility.

I guess overall why post it at all for that matter. . blah I was just thinking.

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SirEvan    122

Most government installations, such as bases, are only visibile to a certain level of zoom. After that they either delete the imagery, or blur everything to protect it. Also, You've been watching too many sci-fi movies. Sat-imagery is not good enough to recognize employee vehicles, never mind the fact that most of the images are 3-5 years or more old. Don't believe me? take a look at the local Naval Air Station, Moffett Field. Tell me if you can identify a license plate: 37.418228, -122.040702

Try zooming in on "Fort Bragg, NC" and look specifically at the Army Air Field. Zoom in, and first you'll see blurry images, then "we have no image data for this level"

there is no security risk here

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