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Just finished Resistance 3, disappointed.

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Noxa12    22

I've been a fan of the Resistance console games since they came out, never really bothered with the psp titles, finally got round to playing Resistance 3 with my friend who i completed the previous two games with in co-op mode. Unfortunately, we both agree it's the weakest title from the console trilogy. Does anybody else agree?. I know this game was out in November time, so i imagine it's had it's fair play.

What happened to all the exciting bosses, giant Goliath's and Krakens etc.?. After Resistance 2 i was looking forward to seeing if Insomniac where going to go that one step further and impress me more, sadly not. The Widowmaker was okay i suppose, but still left room hoping for something more.

The storyline was okay, but each level just felt more repetitive than the last, upgrading weapons along the way made this abit more enjoyable, But that ending.. what the hell was that about?. 1 & 2 endings we're really impressive, especially how the Resistance 2 started directly as Hale was chucked onto the plane and ended with a big cliff hanger. I know Insomniac aren't doing any more Resistance titles but they could have put more effort into that **** poor ending.

Did anybody else feel a bit let down?

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Corris    42

I would disagree that it is a the weakest in the trilogy, I think Resistance 2 wasn't so great, sure, it had those bigger set pieces but those set pieces were also pretty poorly done and were very much style over substance, they noted before that you rarely get bosses in modern games especially in FPS and that they wanted to change that, and there's a reason why nothing has changed.

They also tried too hard to "Halo" it, changing up mechanics from R1 like the weapon wheel and health regeneration so that it was more inline with what other games were already doing and just wasn't different enough, the atmosphere from R1 and as an Insomniac title was completely lost.

The best part about R2 imo were its co-op elements that me and some guys on here spent some good hours on together.

As for the story, I thought it was fine, nothing special, but it was an interesting romp with a few unexpected things along the way that looked generally much nicer as a whole than R2 did, I think if this had been R2 instead of what we got the series as a whole would be a lot healthy than it is now with Insomniac abandoning it and leaving it in Sonys hands.

The biggest disappointing things I found with the game were how they didn't move the story forward really, they introduced all these elements from R2, these other planets and a war that the Chimera were having with another race, Grey Tech which were not of Chimeran design, that the Chimera were the dominent speices on Earth long before we came about, all of which got thrown away in R3 and barely whispered about.

I was also hoping to see an alive pure Chimera at some point but sadly nothing noteworthy happened, would have made a most excellent last section.

At the end of the day I thought the mechanics were strong, they took some of the better parts of the series up to that point and crafted a well made game on a nice looking engine, though personally I would have preferred a R1 health regenerating system instead of none at all and having to run around to find health packs.

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