Naztech Stealth dual in car charger for phones/devices.

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As phones get larger screens and beefier internals they can end up sucking more power when put to the task and a cheap eBay charger might not cut it, often being unable to supply enough power to the phone for the battery to charge while being used let alone charge more than one device at the same time!

Today I'm posting a quick review of the Naztech Stealth that I got from mobilefun but if 2 ports ae not required right now then something like this might be better suited as they rate 200mA higher and save ?7~.

Anyway, on to the Naztech.


Out of the box it feels quite good finished in a rubbery matte layer, not shiny and light like the eBay chargers and the cable has some stiffness to it (not sure how that will pan out for me personally as I like a softer flexible cable that I can route around my dash centre console).

Previous to this I have been using a ?5 eBay charge that supposedly supplies 1000mA but from my own testing (I use my Galaxy S2 for satnav on long journeys) I found that charging takes longer on a drive that lasts 3-4 hours the charge doesn't actually go up that fast and that is with the display brightness at about 20%.

I never found it to be a problem though as all my destinations have always had a charging point at hand but for others who don't have this convenience, maybe this type of charger will be of use, especially if they have multiple devices or passengers want to use their phones without having to worry about the battery as well.


I borrowed my dad's Galaxy S2 as his is running ICS as well as mine (both are Android 4.0.3 with the latest updates) and both are on different networks, I am on 3 with HSDPA+ and he is on Orange also with HSDPA+ in this area. I ran the test for 30 minutes and put in a navigation destination using Google Maps and left them both plugged in and running. Nothing else was changed and network data left connected and synching the usual news/weather/emails and so on.

GPS usage puts a heavy strain on any modern phone so this test would be quite useful in seeing if 2 high powered phones can use GPS at the same time and see an increase in battery levels as GPS is being used as well as data services running as normal.

Both phones were set to 100% screen brightness, now on an AMOLED screen that's quite the battery drainer in itself as other GS2 owners out there will confirm!

At the start of the test GS2a (Orange network) had 92% battery and GS2b (3 network) had 71% battery.

At the end of the test (30 minutes), GS2a had 97% and GS2b had 75%.

So in 30mins both phones had charged 4-5% while GPS navigation was running.

That's a very positive result especially given the screens were both at 100% brightness.

My multimeter prongs are too fat to fit into the microUSB port to test exactly the current being delivered on both outlets but we can get a rough idea as the official Samsung charger outputs 700mA. That and the fact that both phones see the charger as an AC source (see 2nd photo), it would say misc/USB if there was a shortage of juice going through and charge at a much slower rate.

To conclude, I'm quite pleased with this charger. I don't know how other dual USB chargers will perform from eBay as there are cheaper ones about but I do know their specified ratings aren't always accurate and you do get what you pay for (in this instance anyway hehe)!

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