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How much for a company logo?

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whitebread    54

At the end of the month, I will be needing a logo for a new company I'm launching with a friend. I was planning on posting the logo request in the Graphics Exchange subforum, but before I do I wanted to do a bit of research.

How much is a fair price for a logo? I'm not looking for anything particularly fancy; just clean, simple, and professional-looking. I'm not looking for charity -- seriously -- but at the same time, I don't have a lot of money. But I do want to be fair. I have no idea how much, if any, money I will end up earning from this venture. It's more for fun and the experience.

The logo would be used on the website, in apps/programs, and potentially on business cards and/or merchandise (e.g. shirts).

I read a thread recently where someone said they wouldn't participate in graphics contests unless the price was at least $100. To me, $100 seems like a decent price. Am I wrong? I may be able to afford a bit more than $100, but not much. For fairness sake, I wouldn't pay less than $100.

If the logo is good, I will end up giving ongoing business to the "winner" (e.g. graphics for use in programs like icons and such). Would that affect the price?

Finally, what payment methods are preferred? My personal preference would be to do business with someone in Canada who would accept an Interac Email Money Transfer. I don't really like PayPal, but I guess I wouldn't have much choice if the "winner" was outside Canada, eh?

Anyways... I look forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this.

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Arron    44

Depends on the design, mediocre designs cost around ?30-60. Professional design prices anywhere between ?70-150+ It also depends how big the company is, my friend who used to be a freelance designer got interest from a company that made packaging designs for major companies, they paid her ?600 for one logo in various variants, she now works for them. In all It just depends.

Ongoing business? I'm sure that wouldn't be included in the logo design price.

Payment method: Paypal. Just more easier for people I assume.

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