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Yandex acquired global NAVTEQ license / 2GIS joined Italian geo market

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Some more news from Russia

Yandex is obviously slowly preparing to launch its services worldwide. Additionally to Yandex.Disk, which should be launched, worldwide later this year, Yandex acquired global NAVTEQ license to make global map. Currently they Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Turkey, made on licensed maps or by own mapping division (some cities including Moscow). There is also People's Map, an analog to OSM.

2GIS, another mapping company, joined Italian geo market offering maps of Padua and Venice. Unlike others main goal isn't about mapping, but offline maps with a large database of companies, which is updated daily or monthly depending on place. Next planned UAE, Spain and Germany.

According to Comscore Top-5 geo services in Russia are Yandex.Maps (71% of all customers), Google Maps (42%), Mail.Ru maps (7,5%), 2GIS (5%) and wikimapia (2,8%). Globally Google Maps (64%), MapQuest (8,4%), Baidu Map (7,7%), Bing Maps (4,8%) and Yandex.Maps (3,8%)

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