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"Norton Personal Firewall" Weirdness!



Hi All,

This one is VERY strange...

I recently swapped ZoneAlarm for Norton Personal Firewall, have been using it for weeks now and have been very happy. However... a few day's ago I noticed my Internet connection would occasionally 'drop' for no reason. Afterwards I could download E-mail, but surfing was out the question (a reboot was needed).

Anyway, tonight I managed to work out what was causing it... visiting the http://www.driverheaven.net website... no kidding.

If I disable the Firewall and visit the site, no problems, if I enable the firewall and visit the site, it kills my connection stone dead.

I'm using Norton Personal Firewall 2004 on Windows XP Professional (SP1 + ALL Security Patches), IE6 (SP1 + ALL Security Patches), NAV 2004 & connecting to the net via a SpeedTouch 510 V4 DSL Modem\Router.

If anyone has NPF 2004, any chance you could give this a go and see if you get the same behavior?

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