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pfSense Firewall Rules

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Lilrich    47


As some of you may know i use PfSense as my primary firewall here at home, i am looking for some help with something, i want to let a certain port into my network so that VNC will work but unsure how to set this up correctly in PfSense.

A router is easy as you just do a port forward but things seem a little more complex here - hopefully Budman can come to my rescue.

Thanks in advance


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+BudMan    2,921

its just as simple dude - simple port forward

under firewall menu, nat click the little + icon in the bottom right to add your new forward. By default unless you change the setting it will auto create your actual firewall rule to allow the traffic.

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eXtermia    16

the port on outside doesn't need to match the inside one either, as long as it points to the right internal port, and the external

port isn't being used or something. However, that being said VNC isn't very secure. You could use pfsense as a vpn server

and let you encrypt your connection from outside.

Other solutions like teamviewer might be easier to use.

What bud said is pretty much right except when you have automatic nat rules turned off, ( this is not how it normally is) then

you might manually need to add your pfsense rules. if this is the case I can help you set up a few rules.


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