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Steven P.

At Neowin we love to promote forum posts on the main page whenever it's relevant and we can.

You can help by reviewing your new bit of hardware in this forum. You'll be speading awareness for your new gizmo and we'll help you by featuring it on Main.

These features usually take place in the weekend when mainstream news is a bit slower, but there is a criteria for being featured.

We never submit reviews that are shorter than 3 paragraphs long (or less than 250 words) and we usually only select the most helpful reviews that also include specs, (your own) photos and even benchmarking helps but isn't required. Also, the reviews that do get featured on Main is rewarded with at least a four figure bump in views, one or two reviews from a year or more ago are still getting hits in the five figures, so the effort can be worth it.

Without trying to sound too harsh on the requirements, if you're interested in doing your own member review, check out these examples which will ensure that you'll most likely be considered for promotion to the front page.

Thanks for reading; if you have any questions reply to this topic, and happy reviewing!

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