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If there's an Ambroos or AmbroosV on a website it's pretty much always me :p






Pretty convenient to have a first name pretty much nobody else has. Yes, it really, really is my first name.

Aaah, at least ONE fellow country-member :p.





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Uh ... well erm ... facebook.com/iamallan, youtube.com/iamallan2 (or AllansBibleVerses), Star Trek Online I'm @clintonseaforth ... on steam I'm "I am Allan"

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Didn't mean it as a personal insult, if that's what you're thinking.


I see you... :ninja:

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I generally use a false name for all internet things. Which works out nicely, since I freaking hate my given name

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      While the screenshot shows the iOS version of WhatsApp, WABetaInfo notes that the feature will be available for WhatsApp for Android as well. As for the timeline, the publication notes that it is currently under development and should roll out to WhatsApp Beta testers in a future update. There is no word on when it will start rolling out to the general public.

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