Easy MRTG Install

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Good HOW-TO i found online. Very usefull to show network traffic.

HOWTO: Easy MRTG Install

We've put together a RPM for MRTG based off the various how-to's posted. This RPM is gd 1.8 (Redhat / Ensim stock) dependant.


MD5: 013a1ee47032b6b7ab5147ca1960e56f


rpm -Uvh http://download.cheetaweb.com/mrtg-2.9.17-4ct.i386.rpm

After installing, make sure you don't have a cron line in /etc/crontab for mrtg. You may do this via

pico -w /etc/crontab


service mrtg start

You may see some errors when running mrtg for the first time. These will go away by the second restart (of mrtg)

Credits to rxfn, Mouse, Rene, and Webcite for script contents from various howto's that were used in constructing this RPM.

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