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iPad Smart Case w/ images

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**All images taken with iPad3 Rear Camera with exception of Images where the iPad is actually in the case, those were taken with an HTC Trophy (Windows Phone)**


The Packaging of the case is really good, normal of Apple Stuff. A clear plastic Shield inside cardboard backing with a Pull Tab on the back holding it in place.

There are very minimal inserts consisting Only of a cardboard-ish tray to prevent slight crushing of the package. with the Installation instructions being printed on the inside of the package itself


Currently i have the Targus Slim as my iPad case. in comparison to the Apple Smart Case, the Targus is anything but slim, coming close to double the thickness of the Smart Case


The Smart Case itself looks nice as expected with the Buttons covered with exception of the Lock/Mute slider being exposed as well as the ports.

the Viewing Angle in typing is also Less then the Targus Slim and even compared it to a case for the Asus Transformer while being a higher angle in upright viewing.


And here are the faults and ultimately may result in me returning the case. * Fitting is Very Bad, Abysmal even



the Apple Smart Case feels like the iPad is going to fall out, and it even came out of its side in 1 instance while taking pictures. hopefully it will shrink as the iPad1 Case did over time, but because of the ribs around the edge/lip, its unlikely it will make much if any difference.

Now this is an iPad3 in the case ATM, which is larger then the iPad2. so i can assume the fitting is even worse as this is marketed as being for Both 2nd and 3rd Gen iPads.

Fit wise i would recommend another case, especially since the Apple Smart Case cost as much as it did. looks wise i like it better then others. but its more about Fit then looks.

Recommendation - Find Another Case, this one just isn't worth it

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