Samsung 630 LCD TV & Grid lines.

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About 20 - 40 minutes ago (from the time of this post), I turned on the TV and our Onkyo receiver to see an interesting sight: White grid lines all over the image displayed on the TV, at first I thought it may be the slim (250 GB w/ 750 GB) PS3 we have connected (PS3 ->Receiver->TV, by HDMI).

Upon disconnecting the HDMI cord from the back of the receiver it actually looked like it's the TV. Turning it off and on again it disappeared. How long it stays like this I don't know.

Could our TV be needing a replacement from Samsung? Some component broken?

And yes I am relieved that it's not my system. Although if we have to replace the TV it's a lot more costly than sending the PS3 to Sony, or buying a new one. I'd imagine.

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