Alera    171


If you read:

Ugh, every time I see his face on TV I want to vomit. Why the hell can't he be more like Messi? and by that I mean humble, and not diving like an Olympic swimmer every time he gets tackled.

Messi doesn't dive nearly as often nor does he protest repeatedly to the officials or commit what I see as dissent by whinging; flapping his arms, hitting the floor and shouting his mouth off and of course you guessed it. Ronaldo does all of the above. Personally I agree with Javik, I can't stand Ronaldo, always a whiner, always a diver, always too full of himself. See the previous game where he's constantly bemoaning his teammates efforts when he himself is epic failing most of the time.

And yes, it's a shame that footballers feel the need to dive in the first place but even the best of them do it these days.

- Alera :shiftyninja:

PS. I can do that too!

Ronaldo doing what he does best!

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Javik    4,012

Precisely that. I never said that Messi doesn't do it, he just hasn't made a career out of flapping about like a baby every time he gets tackled. Which CR7 has. Nor does Messi try to con referees into getting his opponents sent off.

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