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July 2012 Avatars and Signatures

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Barney T.    2,311

July 2012 Avatars and Signatures-

Below are the forum guidelines for member signature images. Please note that in a lot of cases these guidelines also apply to text based signatures and avatars.

The maximum overall size for signatures is 170 pixels high by 550 pixels wide - this also includes text as well.

File sizes should be no larger than 75KB. Smaller is preferred as we need to be mindful of our members on dial up access.

Below is an image depicting the maximum size for signatures. Are YOU overcompensating for a much smaller problem?


Inappropriate content includes;

* Too large, or file size exceeds recommended size.

* Pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive images, language etc. This may include racist remarks, slander etc...

* If the avatar/signature is overly distracting, ie. bright flashing colors, animated sigs (i.e. GIF's/Flash)

* Audio. These are distracting for our members, so do not have audio in your signature.

* Your signature may not advertise a competing site or alternative to Neowin, or advertise a commercial venture. Neowin has its own advertising, this is the only acceptable (commercial) advertising on Neowin. This has been an issue lately. Staff are aware of it and will take action against any offending signatures we may see.

* And of course, do not contain links to, or use your signature to link to pages that contain objectionable material. This includes, warez, cracks, pornography, pyramid schemes, referral ID's, ebay listings and requesting donations.

* Please do not include signature links of a malicious nature. e.g. those that crash your browser, trigger popup floods or emulate BSOD's.

Dynamic Sig additional guideline:

Neowin is now giving all members who have the type of dynamic image signatures that allow members to enter uncensored custom phrases 2 days to remove them or they will be removed for you, and your profile will be restricted for a given time of 1 week.

The specific dynamic signatures we are targeting are the types where other members can enter a phrase or word so that it appears in the image.

As of now, members with MSN Messenger dynamic signatures are allowed, as is.

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