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Leaked RIM roadmap suggests first BB10 devices in early 2013

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+Frank B.    7,104

Leaked RIM roadmap suggests first BB10 devices in early 2013, Nashville and Naples later in the year


While we were hoping for RIM?s first BlackBerry 10 device, codenamed London, to appear sometime before the new year, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins revealed that we won?t be seeing any devices with the new operating system until 2013. Now, BlackBerryOS is posting what appears to be a leaked product roadmap indicating that two devices will be launching in the first quarter ? the aforementioned touchscreen London and a second device with a physical keyboard called the Nevada. Last week, N4BB posted what it claims is an internal document outlining the specs of touchscreen and hardware keyboard devices named the L-series and N-series, respectively ? matching the London and Nevada naming convention.

The roadmap shows another tablet device codenamed Blackforest being released in Q3 of 2013, coinciding with rumors of a similarly-codenamed 10-inch tablet. Two other familiar names are given 2013 releases as well ? Nashville and Naples ? but without so much as a cartoonish drawing to reference it's tough to say what they might actually be. If the roadmap is legit, it would also confirm the expected release of a non-BlackBerry-10 PlayBook 4G before the end of this year, and the promised BlackBerry 10 update for the original PlayBook sometime in the first half of 2013. Although, as frequently as RIM vacillates on its release plans, we wouldn't be surprised to see further changes even if the roadmap is the real thing.

Source: The Verge

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ToneKnee    279

I see Q1 2014 is completely blank, maybe they aren't sure they'll be around by then. :p

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