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High school put up for auction on e-Bay

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LANGHORNE, PA, July 3 (UPI) -- A Pennsylvania alternative high school is attempting to raise the funds needed to remain open by placing the facility on eBay.

The auction for The Learning Center in Langhorne, Pa., which serves as an alternative to a regular high school for students with emotional or learning problems, notes the winner will not actually own the public school, but rather would get the rights to deliver the commencement speech at graduation, tickets to two football games, a coffee mug, a large pizza and the authority to choose whether the school's mascot is a beaver, a hedgehog or a groundhog, ABC News reported Tuesday.

"If you wish to select another animal you would need to pay an additional $7.65 over your winning bid to cover the additional Photoshop expense," the eBay posting reads.

The auction starts at $599,995, the amount needed to keep the school open for the coming year. The eBay posting comes amid a $2 million deficit for the Neshaminy School District.

The eBay scheme was thought up by Casey Young, 17, who spent a year at the school before returning to a normal high school.

"Casey kept saying, 'What if, like, Bill Gates reacted or some guy shows it to a billionaire who had trouble as a teenager?'" his father, Steve Young, said. "It was realistic that if it did get attention, that someone would put up that money. It's like throwing a Hail Mary pass. It's a long shot, but sometimes they play out."


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