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Hello everyone,

Are there any other home studio hobbyists out there in the land of Neowin? If so I was just curious as to your setups, what hardware and software you use, your mic preferences, have you produced any full length E.P.s for other bands? Any funny recording stories to tell?

My set up is listed below:

  • Windows 7 based workstation
  • Pro Tools 10 and Reaper as my DAWs
  • Focusrite Saffire 56 Liquid as my main interface with a Phonic Firefly 808 ADAT out into the Focusrite for 16 full streaming XLR inputs
  • CAD, Sennheiser, and Electro-Voice mics

This is just the general stuff.

I was thinking if there were any others out there, it would be cool to share out setups and experiences. :)

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Yo, I have ProTools 8 with FL Studio, Acid, and Rebirth and some computer speakers. Not bad. But I've worked in some professional studios before.

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Can't believe I only just found this thread!

I'm doing an Audio & Music Production degree at the moment, so I'm using what I'm learning there to help set up a mini home studio in my room. My PC has Pro Tools 10.3.2, as well as PreSonus Studio One 2, and my MacBook has Logic Pro 9.1.8. As for plugins, at the moment, I've got Addictive Drums, and Toontrack Beatstation. I've been looking through this list of free ones for some more too. As for monitors, well, I don't have any at the moment. :p I've only got standard speakers at the moment (Logitech X-530), but my headphones are monitoring ones (Shure SRH840), so I'm using those at the moment. I've been looking into getting a pair of monitors, but two things concern me: size; there isn't any room at the moment. And cost; I know budget monitors are cheap (half-decent ones start from around ?60-?70), but they don't come with a subwoofer, so that will probably result in mixes being too bassy to compensate for the cheap monitors.

I have to say I'm not really focusing too much on the recording side at the moment (I have a guitar, a bass, and a drum kit, but no microphones, and no interface; plus I'm not very creative :p ), more on the producing and mastering side. I've managed to rack up experience with a few local bands so far, and I'm gonna branch out, maybe even turn to online mixing for anyone who wants it when I'm good enough. :)

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