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Warning 56k users... forget it haha its 2012, if you have dial-up tough luck :p

Not sure if there are other fellow neowinians here that also have a hobby in the RC specially drifting scene.

Recently I have spent a decent amount (around $1500~) into this hobby.

Been drifitng for a few years and thought it was time to upgrade to something alittle more advanced. :D

Spent the past few weeks in researching and looking for parts to create some what of an ultimate drifter razz.gif

Huge upgrade from my previous Tamiya TT-01D

New build Specs

Make: Yokomo

Model: DIB (Red) Counter Steer 1.8

Motor & ESC: Ezrun 9T 60A ESC

Servo: Savox SH1290MG

Receiver: Spektrum SR300

Transmitter: Spektrum DX3S

So far I have just put majority or if together including both the full conversion kits for the DIB as well as 1.8 counter steer.

Now to spent the next few weeks into a decent tune and go from there.







Anyway, was wondering if anyone else shares simmilar passion in this fun hobby?

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