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Found on reddit, wanted to share

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whitebread    54

I found this on reddit. Thought it was worth sharing:

Traditionally suicides skyrocket during November and December. In 2011 they didn't, and I noticed. Then 2012 came along. And people started killing themselves. At the rate of 1 or more per week in my relatively small jurisdiction.

Roommates come home to find their roommates hung, boyfriends are shooting themselves in front of girlfriends, an adult brother called the police to tell us to come get his juvenile sister, who was sleeping, after he kills himself. I've cut people down from doorways and performed chest compressions on shooting victims.

When I get dispatched to a death, I can't "not click the link." I have to go. I have to go in. I have to see the result. I have to handle the body. I have to talk to the family. I have to hear the screams and hysteria. And I frequently have to bring those images home.

People, especially relatively young people, are killing themselves at what I consider an alarming rate. I want it to stop.

Please. If you are feeling like you want to hurt yourself reach out to r/suicidewatch. Or call 1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE). Or call a loved one. Or reach out to Befrienders. And if you see a friend or loved one in need, give them the support you need. This is my Cake Day wish.

Mods told me that like Jeopardy, my post must be in the form of a question. It's rules, as a cop I get that.

My question is, what could you do today to prevent someone from killing themselves?

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